Blankets for all seasons

Future soon to be moms like to prepare themselves a list of necessities,  before the arrival of a baby. Last weeks of pregnancy are filled with accumulating useful objects, which future dads call nesting. Beside objects for nursing, clothing and a stroller we should not forget to get our future family member a blanket that will protect our baby in all seasons.

And why are blankets convenient in both winter cold and summer heat?
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In winter we are often worried our baby not dressed enough, that she is cold and feels unpleasant. When temperatures fall we like to snug ourselves under a blanket and babies are no different. Our advice is to put warm merino blanket on a mattress and attach it right on the sides so baby will have a warm mat to lay on that will keep her warm by night. If you aren't using s sleeping bag you can cover her with another pleasantly warm blanket. Merino wool is known to keep us warm at low temperatures but also to cool us when temperature drops. Blankets made of extrafine merino wool are wonderfully airy and therefore very pleasant to baby’s skin. In case you are using air conditioners we advise you to cover a baby before sleep with soft blanket so she will feel pleasant for a long time after she falls asleep.
Merino blankets Jakopina are a wonderful companion from birth on. They are protecting babies both in a crib, during car ride or in a stroller. Jakopina blankets are indispensable and therefore one of the first items on a list of every mom to be.

Idea for moms to be: when a child grows up, store away our blanket in a box as it will serve a child as a beautiful memory.

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100% extrafine merino wool:

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