How to take care of merino wool products?

We often get questions from our customers about taking care of our merino wool blankets. They are afraid that washing them will make them loose their shape and softness. After all, merino wool is a prestige material that requires special care.


Firstly, all of our products (including the wool blankets) are pre-washed right before we ship them to you, so washing it at home before the first use isn’t necessary. To keep them looking like day one for as long as possible, follow these three steps.

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Don’t wash it too often


Wash merino wool products as rarely as possible. Merino wool yarn is of animal origin, which (unlike cotton) doesn’t need regular washing to keep clean. If your

blanket doesn’t have visible stains, we recommend to only air it out every now and then and it’s ready for further usage.

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Use the right detergent


If your blanket stains and you really need to wash it, follow the instructions. DON’T use regular clothing detergent. Most of them specifically claim, that they’re not appropriate for wool. Also, DON’T use any fabric softeners.

When washing, use a minimum amount of wool detergent and set your washing machine to wool setting.

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Do not tumble dry


If you tumble dry your wool blanket it will shrink, become rough to the touch and loose its shape. After washing, let your blanket air dry on a flat surface. That way it will stay soft and keep it’s shape.

SP4 4201

We've got you covered

All products are available for modifications to your special wishes. The knitwear can be produced tailor-made to your needs. We invite you to let us know your wishes and questions.

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