About us

Since 1926 the company Pletilstvo Jakopina is trying to be reliable, original, strong and flexible.

In more than eighty years of tradition we have gained the expertise, experience and knowledge.

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Jakopina is the most highly appraised Slovenian company in terms of producing high quality, professional uniform knitwear. With a strong foundation comprised of experience in areas such as consulting, design and development of knitwear, our company has the requisites to support and drive innovation in the field. 


We have successfully cooperated in the development of knitwear for the army, law enforcement and security firms, paramedics, firefighters, highway workers, drivers (bus, train, subway, etc.) and pilots, athletes, fisherman to name a few. We are proud to say that today, a wide variety of workers and professionals comfortably perform their everyday jobs in knitwear by Jakopina.

We've got you covered

All products are available for modifications to your special wishes. The knitwear can be produced tailor-made to your needs. We invite you to let us know your wishes and questions.

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