Cookie agreement

When the website is visited by the Customer for the first time, cookies are loaded on her/his computer (if the browser is configured to receive them). If the Customer has already visited the site before, the cookie stored on her/his computer is read out by the web server.

Obligatory (systemic) cookies stand for those cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the website. At the same time, they provide users with a better and more user-friendly experience, security, and faultless operation of the website; they need no consent.

Analytical cookies: there to monitor and analyse visits and traffic on the site. With their help, the experience and operation of the website can be further improved.

Analytical and social networks cookies are downloaded upon user's consent.
a session cookie is assigned by the Vendor to the Customer at the beginning of the session to customise the user experience (the data remains stored until the browser closed by the Customer).
A Google Analytics data analyst is used to manage statistics about website traffic (the data is kept permanently).
The Vendor shall ensure all reasonable steps are taken to protect any data not published by the Customer from being accessible to third parties and the public.
The data referred to in the preceding paragraph shall only be disclosed when such an obligation is specified by the law or in good faith that such action is necessary for:
• procedures at courts or other state authorities;
• strictly necessary for the protection and defence of the Vendor’s rights or property.

The seller's personal information is used for the following purposes:
to provide better and more efficient customer service;
• to improve the functioning of the online store, the service offering; to follow the trends in the development of information technology;
• to make the customer more friendly with the implementation of the latest online trading tools;
• by using the Google Analytics web tool for research purposes, the site visit information is used by the Vendor to calculate statistics.
Type of cookies used on the website

Cookie name
Necessary for the proper functioning of the websiteSession
hex (32)Necessary for the proper functioning of the websiteSession
collectGoogle Analytics cooky to monitor and analyse visits and traffic on the siteSession
_fbpFacebook cookie to serve relevant ads.3 months

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