Why is GOTS certified organic cotton better than conventional cotton

Taking small steps we all can contribute to protect our planet. Jakopina blankets are friendly to both tender child skin and environment. We keep in mind we can only reach this together, so that also our descendants will be able to admire biological diversity that surrounds us. Sustainability is one of our basic principles and is also being reflected in choice of materials.

Our blankets are made of best quality ecological cotton and Merino wool. Conventional cultivation of cotton falls among branches with high use of pesticides. These are polluting river systems, ground water and contribute to desolation of the land. We only use ecological cotton, known for its natural production without any use of pesticides and other harmful substances. Ecological cotton used for Jakopina blankets has all the necessary certificates ensuring the production meets the highest quality standards; therefore it is kind to tender child's skin and environment.

We only use materials with GOTS certificate, world’s leading certificate for production of ecological fabric. The certificate assures processing of ecological fibres goes on separately from conventional production, simultaneously positioning high standards at use of chemical substances. GOTS certificate prohibits the use of poisonous heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents and genetically changed organisms. GOTS certificated materials are environment friendly as their production observes general principles of water and waste reduction. With use of environment friendly materials we contribute to environmental conservation, so our children will be able to admire natural gems and biodiversity for decades.

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How can you and your family contribute to environmental care?

Recycling - Put three separate waste bins to your kitchen, one for packaging, other for paper and the third for biodegradable waste.
Walk instead of driving – When was the last time you went to a store by foot? Dispense groceries among your family members and bring it home with their help.
Plastic - avoid use of plastic waste and replace it with paper or wooden biodegradable options.
A family garden -If you have a possibility plant some vegetables and together with children watch how the seeds grow transforming into a plant.
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