Good Things Come in Pairs

The bundle “Good things come in pairs” is made up of a knitted beanie for children and a matching beanie and scarf for adults. All items are made of 100 % premium Merino wool.
FABRIC:100 % premium Merino wool
Size:From 6 to 12 months
112.00 €

100 % Merino Wool
Prewashed and ready to use
Quick delivery
Slovenian product

The bundle “Good things come in pairs” is made up of a knitted beanie for children and a matching beanie and scarf for adults. All items are made of 100 % premium Merino wool with a cable knit pattern. Merino wool is soft to touch, doesn’t irritate the skin and is comfortingly warm and a good temperature regulator. Best of all – Wool is hypoallergenic, suitable for people with the most sensitive skin. All products have been washed with mild and natural detergents. 

Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, one of the oldest and most widespread breeds of sheep in the world. Their fleece is known to have the finest hairs, making it extremely soft and thick. The diameter of each hair is measured in microns. Sheep wool usually has a 40 or more microns in diameter, compared to Merino sheep, whose fleece is 24 to 15 microns. 

Excellent thermal regulation 
Merino wool is an excellent regulator, meaning it holds in the heat coming off from the skin and wicks the moisture away from the body when it is too warm. This attribute makes the wool a comfortable wear for autumn and spring and also for cold winters. 

The wool doesn’t irritate the skin and is hypoallergenic 

The exceptionally fine diameter of the fleece, finer than human hair, makes it possible for the hairs to bend when pressing into the skin, making it non-irritating even when in contact with the most delicate children’s skin.  

The natural fibers of Merino fleece are excellent at wicking away moisture and sweat which means the wool stays dry. This strong point makes it impossible for dust mites and bacteria to grow, giving the wool its hypoallergenic properties.

Washing is (almost) unnecessary
Excellent water drainage and lanolin are responsible for keeping the wool bacteria and odor free. Lanolin is a natural moisturizer which sheep produce to keep their fleece safe from extreme weather conditions. Similarly, we have found frequent washing to be unnecessary. It might prove far better to hang the knitwear outside to dry and air out.

Suitable for people with sensitive skin
Merino wool garments are also suitable for people who have sensitive skin or suffer from atopic dermatitis. A study [link] published in the “Dermatitis” journal proved that wearing extra fine Merino wool showed improvement in symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

Prewashed and ready to use
Before our products leave the knitting shop in Dvorje na Gorenjskem, they are carefully washed with a mild natural detergent which makes them ready for immediate use and makes sure, the product will not change shape after first washing at home. 

Natural and sustainable
Merino wool is sustainable and 100% renewable. 
  • Sheep produce new fleeces every year, making wool a completely renewable material.
  • Woolen fibres naturally decompose into soil enriching nutrients.

Beanie sizes for children (adult beanie size is universal):
The cap is available in three sizes: 
  • for babies from 6 to 12 months old, 
  • for toddlers between 1 - 4 years old, 
  • for kids over 4 years old.

Colors of the bundle 
The set is available in three different colors (color applies to all three items in the bundle): 
  • camel – darkest
  • sand - lighter 
  • grey - lightest

Order and delivery
Delivery is free for orders above 100.00 EUR, for all others, delivery depends on the customer’s country of living. Packets will be shipped out in 7 working days. 

Care instructions
HAND WASH: If the woolen clothing needs to be washed, the water should be lukewarm (30 °C) to avoid shrinkage. Use a quality detergent made for wool, without soaking. Attention: do not wring out the garment. Instead let it dry on a flat surface. 
MACHINE WASH: If you have a suitable washing machine, the clothing can be washed on a delicate or wool cycle on 30 °C and a low spin setting.

Your feedback:

  • Your craftwork in your blankets is beautiful. Bought a large one recently for my niece's baby boy and she & baby Lir Atlas love it!
    Thank you,
    Siobhán Ireland
  • Beautiful and well knit. Thank you! Jacqueline, NY, USA
  • Love this blanket!! So proud to give as newborn Christmas gift - just beautiful! Terri, Alabama, USA
  • Incredible workmanship!! Will be coming back! Terri, Alabama, USA
  • I have just ordered the fifth blanket from them,and that must say something about their quality!I simply adore the blankets from Jakopina Studio,i have received many compliments for my son’s blanket and also from all the people i gifted them!love their products for the quality of the material and the great design. Victoria, California, USA
  • Just as described. A beautiful blanket that is true to pictures.
    Valkyrie, Oregon, USA
  • Great customer service and gorgeous blankets!!!ordered the 4th one already!
    Victoria, California, USA
  • Perhaps the loveliest — and softest — baby blanket ever. Beautiful design and expertly crafted. It even came it its own box for gifting. Perfect!
    Sandra, Connecticut , USA
  • Absolutely beautiful. Soft cotton and very well made.
    Karen, Arizona, USA
  • This blanket was definitely a good purchase. I ordered one to offer it as a present and I was positively impressed by the fineness of the material. This makes it the perfect cover for a newly born member of a family.
    The prices are very reasonable if we take into account that the blanket can be also personalized with the name of the child. It also came nicely packed in a sturdy carton box so I didn’t need to buy any other wrapping to offer it as a present.
    Apart from this, the communication with the shop was seamless and the blanket was shipped in only a few days. Very pleased with the product and the service. Keep up the good work!
    David, Slovenija
  • Hallo liebe Mitarbeiter des Jakopina Studios,
    danke für die wunderschöne Decke. Sie gefällt mir sehr und Baby Jill wird sich sehr wohl in ihr fühlen. Danke und LG Sylvia Gnerlich
  • Super Decke. Die Zweite, die ich verschenke und bestimmt nicht die Letzte :)
  • Fantastic products! Wool blanket is a must! Besides all benefits from wool, heavy blankets are much more comforting then the light ones. Also snuggles nicely around our angel and doesn’t come off so easily when he moves.

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